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Corporate Events

A professional firework display at a corporate event can provide valuable marketing kudos to companies and organizations. A firework display is also a great idea for a company party, providing a spectacular finale to your event and variety to any corporate entertainment programme. Whether it's for staff, clients or key stakeholder groups, a spectacular corporate firework display can help bring some 'magic and miracle' to your corporate celebration, Summer Ball, Christmas Party or Company Anniversary.

For corporate events Magic & Miracle Fireworks recommend a starting budget of £200 per minute. Call us to arrange a visit to discuss your exact requirements. In all of our professional firework displays, the shows can be choreographed to music and even include bespoke pieces such as the company name and logo in fireworks. For charity fundraising events, there's nothing like an exciting firework display before a charity auction to quicken the pulse and loosen the wallets of potential bidders, maximizing how much money can be raised. We also provide pyrotechnics displays and special effects for indoor events such as company conferences, product launches and corporate award ceremonies.

Magic & Miracle Fireworks are able to launch fireworks that match corporate colours or design a firework tableau that spells out a name, message or logo in fire and sparks. These tableaux can take the form of lancework, which lasts for 45-60 seconds, or a fire sculpture if the longer duration effect is required.

We can also provide professional HD Videos and photographs so that your customers can appreciate the full marketing potential of your firework display. Please see some of our videos for examples of spectacular corporate and public firework displays on our Gallery page.


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