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Firework Classifications

There are four main firework category types:

Category 1: Indoor Fireworks

Category 2: Garden Fireworks (5M Safety Distance)

Category 3: Display Fireworks (25M Safety Distance)

Category 4: Larger display fireworks not available for sale to the general public. 


In coming years you will start to see fireworks which carry the CE marking. This is because new legislation came into force in 2010 for all new fireworks imported after that date. However, fireworks imported already are exempt from the new laws and can be sold until 2017. So, don't be surprised if your fireworks have a mix of old and new labels. Category 4 fireworks are for professional use only. These can include aerial shells and other items banned for sale to the public. Many category 4 fireworks are supplied without a fuse and are extremely dangerous to the untrained person.