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Fireworks training is essential for anyone thinking of displaying fireworks to the public or following a career as a professional firer. With many different courses on offer throughout the UK, picking the right one is important to ensure you receive both good training and recognised qualifications. Magic & Miracle Fireworks operate a training scheme based in Nottingham. 


Contact Us now at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up for next year's training schedules.


Is Firework Training Important?

Fireworks can be very dangerous if they are not set-up and fired correctly. Correct safety distances and ensuring the fireworks are suitable for the venue are just a few of dozens of points to consider when displaying to the public. Without training, you are quite simply playing with fire. And, if you want a career as a professional firer, some form of training is now considered mandatory.


Magic & Miracle run several training courses to progress the enthusiast from a novice to a professional pyro-technician. Magic & Miracle Fireworks are currently planning 2015 training sessions. Come along on our professional displays to get first hand experience of what its like to be a full time pyrotechnician. Experience the thrill of 100's of fireworks being shot and feel the earth move with the big shells bursting above your head. See how we design our shows and watch the displays before any fireworks are even lit. Have First hand experience of using the world number one digital firing system FireOne.