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History of Magic & Miracle Fireworks

Magic & Miracle Fireworks was formed in 1994 in Nottingham, aiming to provide safe and professional Firework Displays for Charities. We have since expanded to include displays for Public Houses, Schools, City Councils, Private Birthdays, Weddings and Business Celebrations. We have since introduced a spectacular, hand-selected range of retail fireworks. This has been so successful we have had yet more shops sign up throughout recent years.


Magic & Miracle Fireworks take the safety of our staff very seriously and, consequently, we have an excellent safety record and are able to provide high quality displays and training. Due to the nature of our work involving dangerous Pyrotechnics, High Voltage Equipment and Rigging Equipment we follow a very strict training program for all of our team members and maintain regular group and individual training sessions in all aspects of our work. Our training courses are revised frequently and we constantly aim to increase the health and safety knowledge of every team member. Please visit our training and method statement pages for more information.


In recent years, Magic and Miracle Fireworks have invested heavily in brand new equipment, including the world-renowned Fire One Digital Firing System, allowing us to give you the best Firework displays possible. This controls every aspect of the show for pin-point control to enable spectacular chase sequences and perfect choreography for our Pyromusicals.


Meet our Team

Phil: Managing Director - Phil took over Magic and Miracle Fireworks last year and brought with him a vast amount of experience, enthusiasm and knowledge in Pyrotechnics. He has introduced many improvements to equipment and company efficiency which have allowed us to provide you with even better Firework Displays. Phil liaises with customers, coordinates displays and performs site surveys and risk assessments. On site, Phil looks after the ground based fireworks and is the firer for all those non-electronically fired.

Ash: Pyro-Technician/Show Coordinator & Designer - Ash came on board in 2011 and is currently producing, fusing and firing shows as well as developing Magic & Miracle's retail selection of fireworks.

John W: PA/Lighting Technician/Resident Problem Solver/Senior Pyro-Technician - John works closely with Phil rigging and fusing the fireworks. He also sets up the PA Systems, assists with the lighting and helps with the fine tuning.

Paul: Lighting Designer - Paul is responsible for designing and programming our lighting rig. On site he looks after all the lighting equipment. When not needed for lights he also helps with the rigging and fusing of the fireworks and is also a firer on our larger displays.

Richard: Music Editor/PA Controller/Cue Caller - Richard looks after the audio side of things. He edits the music and looks after the PA. On site he is responsible for the PA and music system and calls the cues during the display.

John S: Pyro-Technician - John is our part time pyro technician. He helps with rigging fireworks and firing on our larger shows.

Stan: Assistant Technician - Stan is responsible for looking after the safety fences and signs. He also helps with the rigging and the lighting.

Graham: Assistant Technician - Graham assists with rigging up the sound and lighting equipment and is responsible for filming the fireworks during the show.

Luke: Pyro-Technician - Luke is one of our pyro-technicians. He helps with rigging fireworks and firing on our larger shows. 

Steven: Pyro-Technician - Steven is one of our pyro-technicians. He helps with rigging fireworks and firing on our larger shows.